An Agreement

(A Mindful Practice of Benevolence)


In the Spirit of Circle of Sacred-Earth we Honor...

Each speaker, offering them our undivided attention without interruption or cross-talk.

Honor the group’s ‘time’ and ‘attention’ being mindful of others need to share.

Honor others' experiences, by not assigning our meaning to theirs.

Honor the present moment, 

avoiding the past or future, unless they are happening or relevant for us

here and now.

Honor each person's path,

  without expressing judgement, analyzing, rescuing or trying to fix one another. 

Honor offering suggestions only when solicited.



Honor this gathering as Sacred, Safe & Confidential.

Remember our Purpose: We are here to love and accept one another.

We need not think alike to love a like.

  Take what you like from the circle and leave the rest!