Tai Chi

Beginner/Intermediate group class: 7:30 - 8:30p

In  practice, the body and mind of the practitioner come together to move and create postures that directly mimic the taoist tradition of creating wholeness through the balance of apparent opposites or Yin and Yang as they are commonly known.  Tai Chi restores balance to various systems within the body to assist in the creation of wholeness and good health in all areas of the practitioners life. Tai Chi was originally founded from the Chinese, as a martial arts encouraging internal, integrated whole body strength v.s. isolated externalized muscular strength that fades with age. Also, Tai Chi emphasizes the chi (life force) development  and  the spiritual transformation of the practitioner.

Tai Chi today is enjoyed as a low impact, stress reducing exercise and moving meditation, while still holding true to it's martial roots.  Tai Chi has been medically shown to improve ones proprioception (the minds ability to communicate with the body)  which has a positive impact all of the practitioner's everyday activities. Tai Chi has also been shown to help with arthritic and joint related pain though it's continuous relaxed movements. Tai Chi, keeping with its ancient traditions , has way of restoring whatever is lacking in the individual. To give strength to the weak and inner peace to the anxious.

At Roswell Tai Chi we teach all aspects of this amazing art of the warrior, healer, sage.

Tai Chi with Brian Sutton

Tai Chi with Brian Sutton


Brian Sutton: (678) 521- 9855 / roswelltaichi@yahoo.com

Qi Gong 

Saturday at 12:00p

Qi Gong (Chee Gong) as we know it today can be translated as energy work. 

Qi Gong is practiced in a series of exercises called "sets" that use movement, static postures, breathing as well as mental focus to reduce stress and help with a variety of health concerns. The practice of Qi Gong stem from three main branches  of medical, spirtual and martial art related exercises of the Taoist and Shaolin tradition. 

At Heron House we practice a variety  of Qi Gong sets to meet a wide range of health related and Spiritual goals of the group and the individual.